Anil Development, Inc.

Anil Development, Inc.

Serving the needs of the Marshallese community

Phone: 692-692-6253680, 692-692-6253174, 692-692-6251496, 692-692-45505


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Types of Services Offered: Apartment Rentals,Bakeries & Cake Shops,Bars & Nightclubs,Clothing, Apparel and Alterations,Concrete Products,Contractors, Construction & Related Services,Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Markets, Fish Markets & Supermarkets,Fishing, Fishing Charters, Fishing Supplies,Food Services,Heavy Equipment Sales, Rental & Repair,Massage & Physical Therapy,Shipbuilding & Repair,Shipping, Trucking, Transportation & Logistics,Video Tapes, Video DVD's, Video Games Sales & Rentals

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A family company working towards the development of the Marshall Islands and its people. We have been in business for 29 years and plan to do so for the next 29 years. Doing business as Anil Construction Company and DAR Sales & Services.

Construction, Heavy Equipment Rental, Ship Chartering, Ship Agency, Restaurant, Retail, Bar and Night Club, apartment rental, Salon and Massage, and Clothing Shop.

Francis C. Domnick

929 Uliga Ocean Road, Majuro, RMI, Republic of the Marshall Islands

P.O. Box 929, Majuro-Majuro, RMI, Republic of the Marshall Islands

692-692-6253680, 692-692-6253174, 692-692-6251496, 692-692-45505

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