Douglas Perez - REALTOR®️

Douglas Perez - REALTOR®️

Above the Crowd - Beyond the Sale

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Types of Services Offered: Real Estate

Category: Sole Proprietor - Business

I’m Douglas Perez, here at Remax Diamond Realty we understand that the process of Renting, Buying, or Selling can be stressful- but it doesnt have to be. I’m personally committed to making the process easy so that YOU can take it easy. I have over 10 years of experience in both the service and technical sectors, and i’ve grown up around the Real Estate industry. I can get the job done right, while helping you achieve peace of mind. Choose ME so that i can put a lifetime of knowledge and experience towards serving YOU. “A strong man will take care of himself, a stronger man will take care of others.”

Full Array Real Estate services including: Residential/Commercial consultation, purchasing, selling, leasing, and construction.

Douglas Perez

238 East Marine Corps Drive, Suite 202, Hagatna, GUAM, Guam

238 East Marine Corps Drive, Suite 202, Hagatna-Hagatna, GUAM, United States of America

1-671-4838164, 1-671-4798881

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All major federal and local holidays


Sole Proprietorship operating as Independent Contractor

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